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Shown are rifle guns as well as smoothbores. The guns that I build are reflective of a working or common longgun. Many of the guns that I build are the "made up" style.

Pricing info at bottom of page:

  • 1760 style rifle gun, Getz .54, 42 inch barrel, Chambers flat face Ketland lock, Walnut stock, patchbox

  • 1760's Common gun - 42", .55 caliber smooth rifle
    Chambers Early Ketland Lock, a common gun.

  • 1760's Plain gun - Maple stock 37" , .50 caliber rifle
    Chambers English Lock, a common gun.

  • 1750's European influenced early Fowler made from Ash - Dutch trigger guard and buttplate - copper sideplate
    Caywood Trade gun lock

  • Early smooth rifle - Indian influenced

  • 1740's left handed Long Fowler - French influenced

  • 1700-1710 "made up" Trade type smooth gun .20 round barrel - L&R Queen Anne Lock - early type sideplate - strap trigger guard & nailed on buttplate. Some early Dutch influence.

  • 1750 - 1760 This smooth bore was built using various parts from diffferent guns - A "made up" gun. A Getz .55 smooth bore with a Caywood English Trade gun Lock - A 1st model brown bess trigger guard and altered sideplate - no butt plate.

  • 1740's Early French influenced Fowler Dutch buttplate - French Trigger guard & sideplate.

  • 1710 - 1720s Early Club Butt smoothbore 45" , .54 caliber - Chambers Germanic Lock - Strap buttplate and trigger guard.


Custom Gun & Accoutrements Details:

  • Colerain, Getz, Mold and Gun Shop,
    and Ed Rayl barrels.
  • Caywood, Chambers, Davis and L & R locks.
  • Choice of wood is up to the customer. I will only use good quality wood.
  • Brass or iron hardware, or a mixture, as long as its approiate to the gun.
  • All guns are hand finished. A slight aged appearence is worked up.
  • A gun with only the wood finished is avaible.
  • I shoot all my guns before they leave the shop.
  • Each gun is custom built so pricing will vary.
  • The customer is responsible for basic labor charge plus the cost of the parts for the gun.
Custom Gun & Accoutrements Pricing:
  • Basic gun: No buttplate, no sideplate,
    two thimbles & a simple brass triggerguard.
    • Labor for basic gun......$1000.00
    • Add buttplate................$50.00
    • Add sideplate...............$25.00 and up
    • Add moldings................$50.00
    • Sliding wood patchbox..$200.00
    • A $250.00 non refundable deposit is required.


Thanks for visiting my site and taking a look at some of my work. I appreciate your consideration. For details on a custom gun or accoutrements, please email or call.

Jack Hubbard
P O Box 87
Dunbar Ky. 42219
270-526-4991 8am-8pm

All Gun and Accoutrement Images Copyright© Jack Hubbard